Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley


We love Ashley's digital diary where she shares moments of her sweet motherhood journey, family, and culture.

Can you share with us your story of meeting your babes?

My husband and I are so blessed to have a close relationship with both our childrens’ birth/bio mothers. They were like-minded in that they both wanted us to be present in the labor and delivery of our children. It was so special that these beautiful women wanted us to be able to immediately bond with skin-to-skin contact. Meeting our babies, watching them enter this world, marks the two best days of our lives!

What brings you joy in your version of motherhood? 

As cliche as it sounds, it’s the small moments. The tiny details, and what seem like insignificant moments at the time, that bring us the greatest joy and memories.

What is one piece of inspiration you would give others who also are considering adoption? 

If you are considering adoption, please do your research. There are many unethical agencies and associations involved with fraud and/or coercion. Social media is a great resource, and was how we met and connected with both birth moms.

What did you wish other mamas knew about adoption?

It is complex, there are so many different layers and stories with each adoption. No two are the same. Adoptions are filled with so much joy, but there is also a side of loss and trauma that is sometimes overlooked. The truth is, these children aren’t “unwanted”, but they are part of a love SO big that their biological mothers wanted better. They wanted for them, what they could not give. And that is the complex, beautiful, heartbreaking and brave love that adoption is.

What is special about your little ones?

They have 2 mamas that love them so very much! That is pretty special!

What is your favorite goumi piece & color/print? 

I love the mama chunky knit sweaters, cascades and cocoa are my top two! My kids live in their thermal jumpsuit and jogger sets! They are so cozy!


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