Meet Brittany

Meet Brittany


What do you wish other mamas knew about the experience as a Black Mama in America?

Being a black mom in America is hard. While all seems dandy from the outside looking in we have to be hyperaware of everything we do and say.

What do you wish every mama would teach their children about Black History?

To dig deeper and teach your children about the not-so-common knowledge Black activist who paved the way.

What is something that has surprised you about your babes?

 On February 16 marked 3 years since my son Daylin died. As we know grief has its way of showing itself and it doesn’t matter the time of day. In the midst of my thoughts I broke down crying. My 6 year old, DeMarion sat there looking at me then proceeded to ask what was wrong, I simply told him “I miss Daylin.” He puts his head down and I thought that he was going to begin crying as well. Well he didn’t. He lifted his head up a few moments later grabbed a paper and a marker. DeMarion turns the paper around and shows it to me. There is a beautiful hand-drawn bouquet of flowers and a little note that reads “thank you.” This moment taught me that children are much more in tune than we actually realize.

What is a real life mama moment you have had recently? 

I sat on the couch after all of the kids were down for bed and thought to myself, I’m really doing this. I’m really a mom, who’s constantly working on herself, trying to break generational curses.


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