Meet Carlie

Meet Carlie


We love Carlie's digital diary where she shares moments of her sweet journey of being a teacher + mama.



Why did you become a teacher?

My desire to become a teacher started as a little girl who loved school. As a little girl, I remember how excited I felt to go to school every day. I loved learning, being around other kids, and always felt that my teachers were the best people in the entire world. When I would get home from school, I would play "school" with my siblings. Being the "teacher" brought me so much joy. As I grew older, my love for teaching and learning grew and so did my passion for kids. In highschool, I worked at the daycare that was located in the school. This was always a highlight of my day. When I got to college, I took classes where I was immersed in the field. I worked closely with elementary students and teachers at the local public schools. This is where I completely fell in love with everything that teaching is. I saw the relationship and influence that teachers bring to the students that enter their classroom. I wanted to be just that for the kids that would come into my future classroom.



What has been your greatest joy in your profession?

For me, the greatest joy of being a teacher is the relationships and connections I’ve made with all of my students and their families. I truly believe that relationship is the foundation for successful teaching and learning. When my students feel safe, connected, and loved by me, they are able to access their learning. It is such a joy to have students from prior years come back and visit just to tell you how thankful they are to have had you as their teacher. I believe that being an educator is the most rewarding profession on the planet. We get to influence generations and that in itself is the biggest blessing. 




What is one thing you want to share with other mamas about being a teacher? 

One thing I want other mamas to know about teachers is that we love your kids as if they are our own. They are loved and supported when they are with us and we not only want to be their teachers but we want to be an influential adult in their lives that helps them become incredible human beings.




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