Meet Carolina

Meet Carolina


Mama of 5, Carolina, shares her motherhood journey honestly. She is full of wisdom and helps other mamas along the way.

What is a real life mama moment you have had recently?

Oh man, so many! Life with a newborn is wild, even though he's my fifth! I had a moment where I cried the other day - I was exhausted, none of my clothes fits me, two of my older kids were crying (one because they wanted more snacks, another because they're tired of distant learning), I hadn't eaten yet and it was 2pm, and I had spit up and breast milk all over. And of course the baby wanted to nurse again! It's okay to have mommy meltdowns. it's okay to be overwhelmed. If there's anything I've learned, is it's okay to be overwhelmed and I don't have to carry guilt in those moments!

How have you grown as a woman since becoming a mother?

Motherhood has broken me, but in the best way. After having postpartum depression, I felt like I was broken so that I could be put back together better. It's like all the parts of me that weren't helpful - perfectionism, impatience, inflexibility - we're all challenged until I learned to love myself in the midst of chaos, and therefore be able to love my children better, too! I feel like I have a softness now that I didn't before - not only is my body softer, but so is my heart. I have more compassion for myself, for my children, and for other women.

What is your favorite goumi product?

The sleep gowns are my absolute favorite item of clothing for our new baby, period! I love how they're still snug in the body, but have built in mitts, room for baby's legs and hips to develop, and they're designed for easy middle of the night feedings! 


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