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Meet Drishti

May 17, 2022 1 min read

Meet Drishti


We love Drishti's digital diary where she shares moments of her sweet motherhood journey, family, and culture.

What is something that has surprised you about your babes?

How much he grows daily! His face and features are changing every single day! 

What is your current mama win?

Breastfeeding has been a lot harder than I imagined but I haven’t given up and I’m really proud of myself and my body!

What is your favorite goumi piece & color/print?

The thermal bunny slope gown! It’s so cozy, functional and aesthetic! 

What is one thing you want to share with other mamas?

You are not alone and everything you feel is valid. Keep on keeping on, the best is yet to come!

How are you merching (styling) your goumi?

Our son wears Goumi every day and I love wearing the robes — post-partum game changer! 

What are some outdoor activities you like to do as a family?

We are so excited to travel and explore the outdoors as a family this summer! Can’t wait to experience the pool/ocean with our son!

What is a real life mama moment you have had recently?

After taking 15 minutes to make the decision, we mustered the courage to take our newborn to a newborn shoot. Fed twice during the shoot, didn’t get a single good picture and left early because he wasn’t having it. All because mama wanted sweet memories to cherish…you win some, you lose some! 

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