Meet Jamilah and Elle

Meet Jamilah and Elle

Co-parenting + Blended Families


Dear mamas,
Communication and empathy is the foundation of our co-parentship. I know that Jamilah loves my boys truly and she will support them through their life. Not only does Jamilah support the kiddos she has been a support for me as I have gone through some hard times and has been a listening ear when I needed one. Now we don’t want to paint a picture that everyone will experience the same relationship we have because it’s rare that co-parents would connect in the way we do, but we do want other parents going through building a co-parentship, to know that communication and openness about what you need, what they need is important. Holding each other with respect is necessary and taking space when you need to is ok to do for your health and theirs.
— Elle


Dear mamas,
Co-parenting as a “bonus Mom” is such an honor. To have our lives fall together at this stage in the boys development is nothing short of a serendipitous blessing. I never thought upon remarrying, that I would have this great of a relationship, friendship and “coparentship” with the boys Mom. I am so grateful to have the communication and flow of understanding from Elle, to meet up with the boys and meet the needs of who they truly are. I don’t ever want to take from Elle as their maternal parent. I understand that my involvement in their lives adds even more to that maternal value. I never thought being a step Mom would feel THIS rewarding. It definitely helps to have Elle as an additional ally for the boys AND for my children as well. It’s a blessing beyond measure to co-parent with someone I can truly see as family. I mean who doesn’t succeed with double the maternal instinct?!
— Jamilah


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