Meet Johannah

Meet Johannah


Wife, mother to 3 daughters & one boy (in heaven). Multi-racial family that loves coffee & the ocean. Always embracing the weird & simplicity of life.

What do you wish other mamas knew about your experience as an indigenous mama/woman in America?

This is an incredibly hard question. Indigenous women are murdered at 10x the national average, not to mention the other traumas done to Indigenous women on the daily. I could pass in white spaces easier than other indigenous women but I’ve experienced A LOT of racism in my life. There’s so much hard work in parenting a bi-racial family and trying to maintain cultural awareness & heritage. I wish other mothers knew there’s so much about “trending” parenting styles actually are indigenous practices, and that they would go to indigenous educators for help. 

What do you wish every mama would teach their children about indigenous history?

The true history. American schools teach a white-washed-savior version of history. There’s so much more that most people don’t know. Teach your children about the true history of the attempted genocide of indigenous peoples. Teach yourself and them about Residential Schools & how they were children THEIR age. Teach them about MMIWG. About the Dakota 38. About how wrong forced assimilation is & really what it looks like. So that my bi-racial kids & other indigenous children are able to know they’re precious & not called names at school. 🤎

What’s your favorite goumi product & why?

Definitely the chunky knit pullovers, there’s nothing like it! Favorite print right now is the timberline, it’s such a classic stripe. Favorite color is the new something coming soon!


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