Indigenous peoples day we honor you!

Indigenous peoples day we honor you!


In honor of Indigenous Peoples Day, we’re taking a look into the life of one our favorite mamas! Meet Johannah, an inspirational mama of three! **Some great resources below!

What do you wish other mamas knew about your experience as an Indigenous mama/woman in America?

I would like people to be intentional in learning about Native Women’s experiences in Motherhood. Much of “trending” parenting techniques are actually traditional Native American practices. It’s extremely frustrating to see things trending and becoming “popular” for White Women that were (and even still) not okay or just a lot harder if you’re brown (IE; the barefoot movement, unschooling, natural medicines & remedies, etc). My experience as a bi-racial, Native American Woman & mother in this country isn’t easy, there’s dual identity struggles, further isolation that I feel being an Urban Native, and dealing with racism myself and toward my children. 

What do you wish every mama would teach their children about indigenous history?

Well, that is an endless discussion, much like the necessary discussion around systemic racism & healing from our Nation’s past. Your kids are not too young to learn about the reality and truth of what did happen to Indigenous peoples and the effects it still has today. History is a part of us and needs to be told truthfully. Start with kids books, there’s many good ones you can find (Honest History Magazine - A Native Story, Stolen Words, I Am Not A Number, A Is For Aboriginal, With Our Orange Hearts) Teach them about Indigenous People’s Day and boycott Christopher Columbus, tell them the truth about him. Teach them what Orange Shirt Day is, and MMIW, awareness is important. Indigenous People’s are not of the past, We are the present and the future.

How have you grown as a woman since becoming a mother? 

I’ve grown in many ways since becoming a mother, I realized a lot of my own trauma I needed to work through to be a more healed person which in turn makes me a better parent. Having daughters has also changed me in a million ways; my thought process has changed, my views on politics, my ideas of a lot of things. Becoming a mother, mostly, has taught me how much I don’t know and how much I will continue to learn; that the most important thing I can do for my children is to be humble and as I will inevitably make mistakes, to ALWAYS always apologize and work toward healing our relationship.

What is something that has surprised you about your babes?

I’m always surprised when they hit these giant milestones and it makes me so happy and proud. Whether it’s my toddler that starts saying full sentences, my 6-year old reading a whole book, or my 8-year old writing incredible stories and learning full songs on the ukulele; I’m always in awe of their growth and it’s beautiful almost every step of the way.

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