Meet Jordin

Meet Jordin


From the sweetest baby bumps photos, to her beautifully neutral feed, we love following Jordin! She shares the most precious moments of her family of 5 plus a little one on the way. We love her reminders to enjoy our babes while they’re little - they grow oh-so fast!


I used to be so hard on myself about bouncing back and in a certain amount of time. I really allowed society and social media to bring me into such a dark place. I finally reached a place of giving myself grace and loving this body that has created 3 human beings, almost 4! I love my body because it has carried me through life and brought me my greatest joys in life also.

How have you grown as a woman since becoming a mother?

I feel like becoming a mom has taught and only helped me to become confident in myself, my choices, and beliefs. Also to know when to stand up for something that is right and really showing them that example!

What is your favorite goumi product?

Oh my goodness..all of them? I think if I had to narrow it down to three, it would be the loungewear, pajamas or the Mama Robes! They’re all just so buttery soft, the colors are gorgeous. I do love the neutrals the most, and I love the zippers both ways, durability, buttons on the back and the ability to have footed or not footed. Like I said: everything, haha!


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