Meet Marina

Meet Marina


Marina is a wife, mama of 4 and a postpartum nurse . . . and we’re exhausted just reading that! We love to follow her for her honest sharing of motherhood, her incredible eye for capturing the sweetest sibling moments and her love for shopping small!

What is a real life mama moment you have had recently?

Just the other day, my four year old came running out of the bathroom and yelled, “the water is coming!” I thought to myself, this definitely can’t be good. Just as I was about to open the bathroom door to see what was going on, she was indeed right- she flooded the toilet and the water was pouring out and quickly started flowing into our living room. I was carrying my 6 month old in one arm and using the other to keep my two year old from running towards the flowing water (he thought it looked like fun and wanted to play). Oh you know, just another day in motherhood.


What is a spring activity you are looking forward to?

We can’t wait to get out and enjoy a family picnic once the weather gets a little warmer. There’s just nothing like feeling the sun on your face as you sit in your favorite park, surrounded by your favorite people, while eating your favorite snacks.

What’s your favorite goumi product & why?

Is it fair to say they’re all my favorite? Okay fine, I’ll choose. I’m currently obsessing over the new romper that just launched in Sun Stripe in the Meadow Collection. It’s lightweight, fun, and the perfect addition to my littlest babe’s spring wardrobe.


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