Meet Maurissa

Meet Maurissa


What do you wish other mamas knew about the experience as a Black Mama in America?

Sometimes I wish it were clear that not every black mom in America has the same experiences or experiences things in the same way. Being a black mom in America can mean that you’re a Caribbean native and although you are black, you didn’t grow up with the experiences specific to blacks in America.

What do you wish every mama would teach their children about Black History?

That to explain Black History, you'd need to speak about more countries then just the United States.

What is a real life mama moment you have had recently? 

Taking our kids to the country where I grew up and seeing them reliving my childhood during their childhood was so special—I didn’t want to leave!

What is something that has surprised you about your babes?

We made an international trip with our two toddlers and although the journey was tough (restless kids, long lines, etc.) it taught me how tough our kids are. They did pretty well on the flights and entertained themselves when we were stuck in lines. I think as long as their basic needs are met, kids will often handle difficult situations better thank we think!


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