Meet Nicasha

Meet Nicasha


We love Nicasha's digital diary where she shares moments of her sweet motherhood journey. 



What do you wish other mamas knew about your experience as a single mother?

I wish other mamas knew it wasn’t all hard times or sad times. I have a lot to be proud of and truly happy about in my motherhood journey. There are most certainly more highs than lows. And although I’m a single mother, I am not alone. I am so blessed to have a full and supportive village behind me.


What is a piece of advice you'd offer to mamas with your same experience?

I would say keep doing your best no matter what anyone says or thinks. You are an amazing mother, your are enough!  Your babe knows your presence and feels your love and that matters!



What is a real life mama moment you have had recently?

Giving birth to my 3rd baby! I’m officially a boy mom and mom to 3 under 3 and it’s been a whole new game for me! Twin toddlers plus a newborn are keeping me on my mama toes and I feel equally incredible and tired lol!


How have you grown as a woman since becoming a mother?

I have become a more patient woman since becoming a mother for sure! Twins will definitely do that to you lol! I’m thankful for this growth because it helps me be a better mother and human overall.


Share about a mothering moment you feel proud of?

I’m proud of myself for embarking on another breastfeeding journey with my third baby! I made it to about 2.5 years with the twins and hope to make it to 3 years with baby boy, fingers crossed!


What brings you joy in motherhood?

Right now my biggest joys come when watching my twins kiss, hug, and fawn over their baby brother. I was so worried they wouldn’t take to him but they’re absolutely in love with him!


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