Meet Tailynn

Meet Tailynn


A mama of a child with different needs.

Dear mamas that may be in our same situation,

First, I want to tell you congratulations on your sweet babe. I know it may seem scary when you first get the news of a Down syndrome diagnosis (or any other struggle) for your child & it feels like such a foreign experience. But, you are bringing a beautiful baby into your family & this child will bring soooo much happiness and joy.

It will be such an amazing experience. Your baby is going to end up teaching you to appreciate every little thing.

If you start to let the fear of the unknown get to you, please don’t turn to google. Instead, find real stories of real children who also have a similar story. Getting to see the day-in-day-out of families who were also “in my shoes” really helped change my perspective & ease that fear.


I wish you could see it backwards - because looking back, if I knew then what I know now, I’d know the light that was about to be brought into our life. I’d see that Aspen’s smile can brighten the darkest of days, I’d see a beautiful brother bond between my two boys & know everything would be okay.

In fact, it would be the best thing to ever happen to us. Aspen has brought our family so much happiness and we wouldn’t change a thing!



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