Meet Tessa

Meet Tessa


We love following this girl mama! Tessa brings all the vulnerability, kindness, and inspiration to your feed. Plus her littles are extra cute!

How has your little one been with sleep?

Each of my kids have had unique sleep journey’s. My oldest who is now 7 had a really hard time in the beginning. We got her to find her bed a safe and cozy place to rest and she loved having her own space. The downside to that was she never slept on the go or in the car well. She preferred her bed. Now I see her personality from that so clear! My now 3 year old has been a good sleeper with some help but now enjoys to come into our bed at 2am without fail. She’s our cuddle bug. My current 5 month old is in the middle of a sleep regression and we are all feeling the lack of sleep. But I know it won’t last forever!

Do you have any inspiration or encouragement to share with other mamas about babes sleeping?

My biggest encouragement would be to hold onto every moment together. This time fades so fast and holding your baby longer than you’d like is going to give you and your baby such a strong bond. To change how you view these moments and that yes, someday you will sleep all night without interruptions. But for now, you’re a superhero who has been tasked with the role of mother to comfort and care for your baby. Savor every moment together, even the hard ones seem to make it all seem sweeter! 

What do you love about the new goumi slumber sleepbag?

I love the zipper function and luscious fabric. I also love that it’s organic and not sprayed with chemicals. You’d be surprised at how our kids’ clothing and fabrics are covered in chemicals. I can rest easy knowing the best is being used for my baby’s sleep. Especially since she’s sleeping with the sleep bag all night. 
Bamboo and Organic Cotton Slumber baby sleepbag from Goumi.

What is a real life mama moment you have had recently?

I’m a mother of 3 girls and I feel like my mindset for too many years have been geared to view things negatively. I’ve been working on reshaping how I see the hard days of motherhood and the perspective I’ve had has not served me or my family. So instead of viewing my mornings as chaotic and full of things to do. I can change my viewpoint to see my mornings as full of beauty as we explore how to take care of our home and are learning real life skills that take time and patience. Telling myself I can’t or I’m exhausted just perpetuates those things. So I’m choosing to view my mornings as lively and full of wonder! Even when my girls are fighting it provides great opportunities on how to work out relational woes. My kids have a better day when they can see that I’m not focusing on the negative and constantly snapping at them because I set my expectations and only see the negative or what’s not working. Shifting my mindset has been huge in enjoying my kids and my days with them so little. 
Chunky knit organic cotton cardigan and sweater for women and children.

What is something that has surprised you about your babes!

I’m surprised at how they are really present and interested in the small details that us adults usually gloss over. They remind me to slow down and to enjoy the small moments. That these days are actually so short and when we blink they grow and we grieve the change but how wonderful this process of motherhood has shaped me and grown me too! 
Baby sleepbag and nursery bedding in neutral colors, bamboo and organic cotton from


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