Meet Tierney

Meet Tierney


Mama to three girls, Scarlett, Emrie, Goldie & baby brother Briar.

What is a real life mama moment you have had recently?

A real life mama moment was TODAY! My oldest first day of first grade. She is currently doing virtual learning and during our first ever zoom meeting with her new teacher, my other three children decided it was a great time so sneak into the bathroom and unroll every roll of toilet paper…. And then get it wet.. You can’t take your eyes off of these little monsters… I mean sweet hearts for a second!!!

How have you grown as a woman since becoming a mother?

These four little ones have taught me what true love is. From the moment they were born my life has never been the same and that love grows deeper and deeper every day. They have taught me patience. They have also taught me that silence is golden... Unless you have kids... Then silence is suspicious!!!

What is your favorite goumi product?

My favorite Goumi piece would have to be the boots! They are the perfect little slipper for little ones. Not only are they perfectly cozy but with the velcro feature it makes it hard for them to rip off!


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