Meet Tiffany

Meet Tiffany


We love Tiffany's digital diary where she shares moments of her sweet motherhood journey, family, and culture. 



What do you wish other mamas knew about your experience as an AAPI mama/woman in America?

I struggled growing up as a minority and eventually wanting nothing to do with my culture simply because I was embarrassed by it. The turning point for me really was after I had kids. Now that I live halfway across the country from my family, I strive to keep my culture alive, while also re-learning it myself. I want my girls to be proud that they are half Chinese. 



What do you wish every mama would teach their children about AAPI history?

Chinese/Asian culture is about more than just our food. It’s about family, respect, and hardships our ancestors have overcome. 


What brings you joy in motherhood

Watching my kids truly be kids in this day and age. The innocence isn’t lost. I love being able to relive my childhood through their eyes and teach them the wonders of the world. 



How have you grown as a woman since becoming a mother?

While I've become a little less patient, I've also become a little more forgiving, resilient and thick-skinned. My priorities have shifted and I'm finding the delicate balance between motherhood and finding my own identity again.



What is a real life mama moment you've had recently?

Realizing that I yell and let my emotions get the best of me too often in front of my kids.


Share about a mothering moment you feel proud of

My almost 2.5yo potty-trained herself!


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