Meet Yessenia

Meet Yessenia


In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re taking a look into the life of one our favorite mamas! Meet Yessenia, mama of two of the cutest babes!

How have you grown since becoming a mama? 

Becoming a mom has made me learn and grow as a person because it made me realize so many things I wanted to change for my kids that were the “norm” growing up. Recognizing what I need to change to give my children a childhood where they are shown love, respect and acceptance. 

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What is one piece of advice or inspiration you would give others who are also on a similar journey?

Wow, great question. I think their are so many more inspirational/ wise people, I think of myself as still learning!

I guess my advice would be to keep pushing through. Thankfully, everything eventually passes and when it does, we are able to extract so many life lessons from it. Relay on those close friendships, family, or any sort of connection to help you pass the moment. Find your community, there is a community out there for you!

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What is your favorite goumi piece & color or print?

Too many to choose from! Probably the on the farm, animal print and the garden collection, garden print, plus we love ALL the cardigans! So comfy and cute. 

What do you wish other mamas knew about your experience of being a Hispanic mama in America?

A lot of people often tell me “you have such an advantage being bilingual” and although that is true and I am thankful for it, it is also difficult! I speak “fluent” Spanish and English however, I don’t feel like I fully know either of the languages, I know the basics in both. Please be kind to those of us who speak multiple language and to our children. If you see another child struggling to communicate, regardless of the language, make them feel included, teach your babies to play with them regardless if they can “communicate” because communication goes beyond language. 

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What do you wish every mama would teach their children about the Hispanic community?

To ask questions. If their children ever wonder something about our community, don’t be afraid to ask. As a community we may have similarities but truth is, every family is different. A respectful question can open up a conversation and even a friendship.


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