Meet Zee

Meet Zee


Mama of the cutest little boy, Zee is a hardworking mama making her dreams come true! This mama inspires us to live healthy, stay grateful, and love the little moments! 

What is something that has Surprised you about your babes?

How quickly he picks up on things! He sees myself or his Dad do something once and he immediately imitates it. It’s so fascinating watching them learn.

Knit suspenders | Sienna + Bodysuit | Red Rocks

What is your current mama win?

Balancing starting a new business while being a full time at home Mom! I never know what kind of day each day will be but I’m making it work and I’m very proud of that!


Bamboo Footies | Boulder

What is your favorite goumi piece & color/print?

I absolutely love the footies! I love that the foot cover can be removed so my son can stay in it all day and not just for bedtime. I love all the colors but my favorite right now is the midnight blue.


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