Staff Gift Guide

Staff Gift Guide

Here are some picks from team goumi to keep you + your loved ones cozy all winter long!


social media & partnerships manager + mama of 4

Cute baby in bandit bonnet pointy hat and neutral color footie.
All the thermals! But as a neutral loving mama cedar and bunny slope have my heart.
Bandits FOREVER! I will be putting bandits on my littlest babe for the rest of his life. 

Katie’s Picks

customer care team + pregnant mama

Mama in bamboo robe reading a book to her baby in matching footie under cozy knit organic cotton blanket.
The knit blankets are so incredibly comfy and warm! I am looking forward to all of the snuggles with my babe in just a few days!
I am living in my goumi robe!! As I get later into my pregnancy, the less I want to wear anything that’s not cozy! Plus I can’t wait for those early morning feedings! 

Sarah’s Picks

customer love team + mama of twin littles

Twin babies in matching organic cotton and bamboo footies.
The footies are our every day go-to. They are designed to make new mom life so much easier! I don’t have to worry about putting socks or mitts on our girls because the footies have them already built in.
Our newest favorite goumi goodie - wearable blanket! It’s nice to get outside and get some fresh air without having to put a ton of layers on two squirmy babies. It’s quick and easy to put on and keeps them nice and cozy on our walks!


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