ask lili - how did you come up with your design?

ask lili - how did you come up with your design?

Ask lili

‘why is thoughtful design such an integral part of goumi?

We’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you fellow moms out there over our 6 years in business and one of the most common comments that we hear is ‘wow, you have really put a lot of thought into your products’.

Yes we do.  Why?

We believe that our world has too much stuff already and can’t sustain at our current rate.

We believe that the best way to give our kids a better planet to inherit is if we start producing, smarter, more multifunction & truly essential products.

And that’s why we made our mitts the way we did.  Highest performance – to stay on and be breathable.  Highest quality materials – soft & sustainable.  Smart – provide both an educational component AND a toy.  Oh and it’s timeless and elegant too. 

In fact, every product in our lineup is thoughtfully designed because we believed that there needed to be a better version of it in the market.

From our boots that are breathable and provide organic, stay-on protection year-round, to our patent-pending jamms that convert to a sleeper because yes, babies sleep 8 times a day in their earliest months to our preemiemitts that are NICU designed and tested to reduce accidental extubation – one of the leading issues in NICUs today. 

And we’re just getting started!  If there’s ever a product that you’d like to see from goumi, drop us a line at!

Til soon, xo!