Hello Again!

Hello Again!

Hello again and how appropriate that our first goumi blog post is happening as we head into Mother's Day since it was becoming a mom was the beginning of the goumi story.

I’m Lili Yeo, co-founder and CEO of goumi. 7 years ago, my long-time friend & I started goumi because we couldn’t find baby mittens that stayed on our babies. Little did we know then that a baby mitten would only be the beginning of our journey!

From our conversations with baby boutique owners, to fellow moms that we'd meet at baby shows, to receiving regular emails from very thoughtful grandparents who found us in their online searches, we were thrilled to find out that our customers also wanted beautiful baby essentials that worked!

It has been an intense but amazing ride! So much so that we haven’t had a moment to write about it! But we realize that there is joy in sharing that ride with others. So here goes!

For some of you out there who have known and supported us during the last 6 years – thank you so much! We wouldn’t be here without you and we are so grateful for your partnership! For some, you are just getting to know us and for that, we want to say welcome and I hope that you will allow us to tell you what goumi is about.

At goumi, we find parenthood both delightful and, at moments, tear-your-hair-out exhausting. For us, it took parenthood to slow us down and realize there is so much joy and meaning to be found in the small things - a surprise smile from your child, a quiet moment, mitts that fit our babies just right.

But our world moves so fast and sometimes, the small are overlooked or underserved – whether that’s mittens that prevent scratching to preemie babies in the NICU to rescued human trafficking victims. And it is because of that, that we made it our sole mission to make the small mighty.

We named ourselves goumi because, just like the pea-sized goumi berry that feeds and transforms the earth around it, we give 10% of our profits to help the communities around us thrive. Together, small things add up to make a mighty impact, at home and in the world.