C O V I D  1 9   I M P A C T   +  S H I P P I N G

2 - 4  W E E K  S H I P P I N G  D E L A Y S  P O S S I B L E

We are working as quickly as we possibly can to get your order to you in this crazy time.  

Due to CO-VID and higher than normal sales volumes your order could take 2-4 weeks to ship out.  

Thank you for your patience and we cannot wait for you to cozy in and enjoy your goumi goodies!

Can I use more than one coupon code?
Where is my order confirmation email?
What size should I order?
Can I find you in a retail store near me?
Do you sell your products for wholesale?
I mis-ordered can I change something?
Can I cancel my order?
Do you offer free shipping?
When will my order ship?
Do you ship Internationally?
My package says delivered but its not at my door?
How can I track my order?
Can I expedite shipping on my order?
How do I care for my goumi?
What are your products made out of?
Where are your products manufactured?
What is your return policy?
What is your exchange policy?
What I want is out of stock. Will you restock it?
Could your products have any risk of COVID 19?
How can I keep my baby safe during this pandemic?
Will my product arrive on time?

S O C I A L  M E D I A  P O L I C Y

We absolutely love seeing photos of your babes all cozy and growing in their goumi gear on our social media platforms and when you tag our account @goumikids. Please note that use of the hashtag #goumikids or tagging your photo with our handle, @goumikids, will be taken as permission to share the image(s) on our social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and email. 

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