S I Z E S  0 - 3 M  AND  3- 6 M

 U L T I M A T E   B U N D L E

Our best-selling babywear bundled up for the best value and filled with everything you need to make the first 6 months of your babe’s life cozy. Each of these 4 essentials (gown, footie, mitts, boots) are made from oh- so-soft organic and sustainable materials so you can feel good about putting them on your babe.

R  E  V  I  E  W  S

I   C O U L D N ' T  B E   H A P P I E R 

Super luxuriously soft material, and very easy to change her diapers! We have two sets of booties too which I am very pleased with as well. My next purchase will be the footed pjs. Highly recommend this company!

- Laura

W I S H   I   B O U G H T   S O O N E R  

I am a minimalist mama so I don’t buy a ton of baby items. I don’t mind spending a little extra if it’s great quality (especially with all the blow outs my baby has). This sleeper washes really well!!! I have put it in the dryer on low and the quality is just how it came out the package.

- Taylor

T H E   A B S O L U T E  B E S T   B O O T I E S  

My daughter tried just about every bootie on the market but none stayed on, until I bought these for my grandson. I now recommend them to every soon-to-be parent or grandparent. What a wonderful product!

- Janie

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