Yom Long Sleeve Reversible T-Shirt

Yom Long Sleeve Reversible T-Shirt

Our Yom tee shirt collection is a crowd pleaser for both young and old. The butter soft feel and the weight/drape of this fabric easily make this shirt a favorite.  Also the bonus is if you have a spill while you’re away from home, just reverse it and you are set.


Designer Notes:  The reversible Yom series was created with life in mind.  Adults and kids alike spill on themselves.  We wanted a basic go to garment that would be able to transform (reverse) and still match the wearers outfit either way.  If you are wearing a Yom tee you are covered!


Reversible available in Black/White

98% modal, 2% spandex

Machine washable | Rubberized silicone logo


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