Meet Alice

Meet Alice


Mama of an adorable babe, we love how Tracy shares her sweet motherhood journey. This mama inspires us to stay open, keep growing, and love the little moments! 
 Cute girl on a swing set wearing Jogger Set Wildflowers.

Biker Set | wildflowers

How do you feel about sending your babes off to school this year or for the first time?

My daughter is starting public school this year and while I’m so so so excited for her, I’m also a bit nervous. It’s a big deal to go to a new school and make new friends and be on a new campus, and it makes me worried about she will maintain her confidence or not. But I think she’ll rise above. 
 Cute girl on a swing set wearing Wildflowers Jogger Set.

How are your kiddos feeling about it?

My daughter has told me she is excited to learn again because she’s been doing a lot of crafts this summer and itching to fill her brain. That makes my mama heart so happy. We try to practice  affirmations every night.

What is your current mama win in this season?

I think I feel really comfortable with who I am as a mom lately. There are always going to be  ups and downs with mom guilt, but things feel really good (maybe because it’s summer). I hope as things pick up through a busy school season it will remain so!


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