goumi sightings! hilarious joey & mama photographer LAURAIZ!

thank you for hilarious pic, LAURAIZ!

goumi sightings! little Adi gift guide

such a beautiful curated set to welcome new baby!

Enter to win The Perfect Newborn Essentials Giveaway!

We love our Mamas & Baby and that's why we're giving away $1050+ worth of products with these amazing brands: Clek, Puj, Embe Baby, Poof Diapers, Ellie Funday, Xoxo Carrier and Goumi Kids. #goumibabyessentials All you have...

goumi sightings! WHITNEY PORT

thank you Whitney for letting us be a part of our first moments with your precious little ones

goumi sightings! TODAYshow.com

we're over the moon to see our goumigoodies among other essentials of modern parenthood!      

Spotlight: Mom Testimonials

there is nothing better that we love than hearing from all of you moms, dads and other baby caretakers out there of what you think of our goumigoods!  especially because you believed enough in us...

The Best Booties in Town!

Our Stay-on Booties for Babies on the Go! Did you know that our Boots were designed with our signature two-part closure system that remains secure to keep baby’s feet warm and adjusts to fit as...

Summertime with a baby in the sun!

Summertime with a Baby! We love Summer! But are you protecting your baby from the sun the right way? It’s important to protect your infant’s skin because it’s so sensitive. It’s best to shield them...

ask lili - how did you come up with your design?

Ask lili ‘why is thoughtful design such an integral part of goumi? We’ve had the opportunity to meet many of you fellow moms out there over our 6 years in business and one of the...