Founders Story

we believe in the power of small.

Hi! I’m Lili. My appreciation for small began when my baby Iliana was born 8 years ago.

my small inspired me to be the best version of mom.

I thought I was going to go back to work after maternity leave. I had it all planned out with nanny and all. But after I met her, I I was faced with the question why would I have someone else spend quality time with my baby, time I would never get back? And that’s when I knew I had to reframe my work and life balance, so I could be there for my little one. I believed this was going to be what was best for us. I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to even have the choice to be able to do this.

As I spent more time being mom, i became frustrated that the baby items we were using were not doing the job right. Mitts that were supposed to prevent scratches were falling off, socks that were supposed to keep my baby’s toes warm weren’t staying on, and the pajamas that she lived in all day long were riding up to her belly button (and made nighttime diaper changes even more ungodly at 2am)!  I wanted baby goods that would make my parenting life easier. 

Being a parent also changed my lens for the community. I felt compelled to care more, not only for my own baby, but for our world. I recognized that the daily choices I made as a parent (and all that I buy) had direct ability to either help or hurt our world.


my small inspired me to be an entrepreneur.

And that’s when the lightbulb moment happened. We really can do something about this. Because we’re from Portland, OR we literally made our version of best baby essentials – that had it all – function, beauty and of course, good to our planet.  And that’s how goumi was born.  

Named after the small, purposeful berry, our mission is to positively impact the community that we’re a part of in small, but mighty ways, every day. Our baby essentials help babies, moms and dads be at their best, daily. With goumi, babies are safe and happy, and parents can feel good about the choices they’re making for both baby and planet. And with each purchase, we give 10% of our profits to empowering our planet’s most vulnerable.


in short, my small inspired great change in me. 

Imagine if we activated more ‘smalls’ in our world - small acts of change, small products that could really made a difference, small, vulnerable populations that are overlooked but if empowered can become mighty contributors to our world. 

Would our communities change for the better? We think so! And we may just be happier for it too.   

We’re humbled and grateful that in the last 7 years, over half a million moms and dads worldwide believe in making small and mighty change. We truly hope you will too!